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Hello Everyone!

Creating A Webpage

I took a class from Video Professor once, and I learned a little bit about web designing. The website I had then has been disabled. I am learning
a lot more this time. But I tend to learn by trial and error.

So, please forgive me for my errors. I am trying to get it fixed up and looking correct.

The roll of film I used, for the first set of images I am using on my site, was in the camera for years! I used it up, before putting in a new roll, just
to see how the photos would be effected. I got this strange yellow glow over most of them and I got many that were double exposures. I thought
they looked pretty cool.

I am having difficulty linking things correctly in my links page, somewhere there is a secret, I will figure it out.

MAY 31st

Okay! I'm On And Published

May 17th

This is my first post on my new website! This has been my dream for a long while, to have a site to share my photos and creative images. I
know it is sparse right now but I plan to keep it growing. I have spent hours in my spare time taking photos and tinkering with  design software.

I am not a professional photographer, (yet), nor am I a highly trained and skilled design artist. I am simply a novice who has taken pictures
since they were in junior high school, and an amateur artist who took my first, special education art class when I was in third grade. I also
entered poetry contests on and received many editors choice awards, and I have had a few poems published.

I never wanted to be a starving anything, (artist, actress, singer, writer, or photographer), so I never pursued using my creative gifts as a career.
I seemed to have starved anyway! And since I am starving now, what a better time to give in to my hobby and take a stab at it.

The photos I chose to set up my website were taken with a great minolta camera, with really old film, that had been left sitting in it for years. I took
them on my way to, during, and from, Quinalt Resort and Casino, at Ocean Shores, Washington, a few years back.

This trip was special for me, because it was one I took with my family. Some of my nephew's and their children came too. It was my sister's and
our friend's birthday weekend. It was one of three trips I was able to take with my sister, who now looks down at us from above. (My only regret
was, that a brother, my father, another sister, and my mother, were already up there watching us too, and  couldn't physically be there). My
brother, who the camera belonged to, was unable to attend as well, he had to work that weekend.

But, no matter how great a photographer/digital artist I think I am, I am always still amazed at the work of other people. I sometimes spend hours
looking at other artists and photographers galleries online, and I used to love attending art and photography showings. I am not much of a
traveler, so for me, looking at the photos of others is like taking a vacation. I love looking at life through the eyes of others, and seeing what they
find beautiful.

It is a great way to see how my works measure up to those I think are amazing. Sometime you don't realize how great your stuff is, until you see
anothers and say, "hey, I have something like that"! Last night I discovered Don Peters at
his photos were so beautiful and clear. I think you should check them out!



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