Thoughts and Musing

Hello Everyone!

Creating a Webpage

I took a class from Video Professor once, and I learned a little bit about web designing. The website I had then has been disabled. I am learning
a lot more this time. But I tend to learn by trial and error.

So, please forgive me for my errors. I am trying to get it fixed up and looking correct.

The roll of film I used, for the first set of images I am using on my site, was in the camera for years! I used it up, before putting in a new roll, just
to see how the photos would be effected. I got this strange yellow glow over most of them and I got many that were double exposures. I thought
they looked pretty cool.

I am having difficulty linking things correctly in my links page, somewhere there is a secret, I will figure it out.

MAY 31st

Okay! I'm On And Published

May 17th

This is my first post on my new website! This has been my dream for a long while, to have a site to share my photos and creative images. I
know it is sparse right now but I plan to keep it growing. I have spent hours in my spare time taking photos and tinkering with  design software.

I am not a professional photographer, (yet), nor am I a highly trained and skilled design artist. I am simply a novice who has taken pictures
since they were in junior high school, and an amateur artist who took my first, special education art class when I was in third grade. I also
entered poetry contests on and received many editors choice awards, and I have had a few poems published.

I never wanted to be a starving anything, (artist, actress, singer, writer, or photographer), so I never pursued using my creative gifts as a career.
I seemed to have starved anyway! And since I am starving now, what a better time to give in to my hobby and take a stab at it.

But, no matter how great a photographer/digital artist I think I am, I am always still amazed at the work of other people. I sometimes spend hours
looking at other artists and photographers galleries online, and I used to love attending art and photography showings. I am not much of a
traveler, so for me, looking at the photos of others is like taking a vacation. I love looking at life through the eyes of others, and seeing what they
find beautiful.

It is a great way to see how my works measure up to those I think are amazing. Sometime you don't realize how great your stuff is, until you see
anothers and say, "hey, I have something like that"! Last night I discovered Don Peters at
his photos were so beautiful and clear. I think you should check them out!

Who Knew?

March 11th

Who knew that I would become so busy, that I would rarely have time to talk!  It wasn't my intention when I created the site, to never have time to come back and share. Life takes you, when you go with the flow. I originally wanted to sell photos and allow people to put them on products, But, since I am rarely here I guess it's just as well that I have done little in that area. This is my hobby! no pressure. Stay tuned I may share more photos in time.